Other Rovers

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2007 Southern Idaho Regional

Miner Express
 Miner Express.  This rover has an unusual grab arm that is much simpler than any other I've seen.  The long beam attached to each side of the blue rock grabber swings all the way down to the wheel axles.

Mars Marauders Mars Marauders.  An interesting design.  The body is split down the middle lengthwise, with a pin connecting the two halves so they can rotate.  It's like two independent rovers connected together in the middle.  This gives the rover a type of independent suspension.  Spider trap paper is used on both arms.  The smaller arm in the back was intended to capture Marvin the Martian, however, the rover didn't turn well and they didn't have time to try for Marvin.

2006 Northern Idaho Regional

 This rover can grab rocks on three sides, an unusual ability.
 The tape wasn't quite sticky enough, but the rolling sticky pad has potential.  The idea was that the roller would be lowered ahead of the rock to be collected.  Rolling forward, previous rocks would move to the rear, exposing fresh tape to stick to the next rock.

2006 Southern Idaho Regional


2006 Moscow Regional