Wheeled Rovers with Skid Steering and a Scoop

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2007 Southern Idaho Regional

One Eyed Martians  One Eyed Martians.  A nice, well-built rover.

Space Chickens  The ramp is lowered and then the sweep pushes rocks up the ramp and into the holding area.  A rover in the 2005 Boise Regional had a similar setup, but its ramp and sweeper were controlled by one piston.

Mutant Martian Manhunters

2006 Northern Idaho Regional


2006 Southern Idaho Regional


 Mars Mellows, Pioneer Elementary


2005 Moscow Regional

2005 Boise Regional

  I think there is a second motor under the blue Legos that drives the wheels on the far side.

 Bamors.  This rock collector has good ideas not seen on other rovers.  The plastic paddle would push the rock onto the silver ramp.  Then the arm would lift both the paddle and ramp and the rock would slide into a storage area.

 Las Estrellas de Marte

  A creative design.  The popsicle stick door swings to the side and pushes the rock onto the plastic sheet slung between the wheels.  It doesn't have much ground clearance though.